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  • Bwette Gilbert

Farm Update March

Growing Piglets

Hello friends and well wishers of Dorcus Project in Uganda. this month we are happy to report that our farm is doing quite well despite the long dry season, our animals have been able to get the feeds and water. We also has one animal that gave birth two healthy piglets which means increment in numbers at our farm. ​​

We had problem with some animals that had acquired skin diseases that are right as you read this are being taken care of. the other set back we had at the farm was that pig sty needs to renovated since most parts have been worn out by the pigs themselves. renovations are required to re-build the paddocks to secure space for the expectant animals which we expect to give birth in this coming month.

​Also the wooden pig sty needs to be expanded to cater for space of the piglets. Other than all these small set backs, our farms is growing strong and large in numbers. We would like to thank all our friends who have supported the great work at our farm in Uganda, may God richly bless you.

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