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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

Dorcus Project Uganda: Paving the path to a brighter future

This beautiful building continues to serve our purpose. It is fenced in after we learnt about how the swine fever destroyed a whole herd of 120 pigs in one week. We thank God for a giving us a great team that has worked hard to put everything in place. The Youth took on the brick making and we made our own bricks which was cost effective. It turned out to be the best thing we did. We started again with one boar and 3 sows. God has granted the grace us to increase and multiply and the farm has grown once again keeping the program on track. Due to this growth we continue to repair and expand the building. We give God all the glory!

We have also started the same sister project in the Kirindi Community by giving them one boar and 6 sows. The project is going well by God’s grace. This community in majority is driven by grandparents and widows taking care of the children who have lost their parents to AIDS. The battles they faced took all their finances. They need our help for a new beginning.

As we engage the women, youth and grandparents in discussions of community development and entrepreneurship we hope to instill values that will liberate them from the stench of poverty. Through facilitating workshops on how to breed, grow and sell their animals we desire to help this community thrive. In 2018 we hope to also be able to extend this very program to our sister project in Kiboga.

COTRF is giving families and communities revived hope and faith to start again. Supporting those with no income or formal training by assisting them in learning how to build a sustainable income to take care of their families and work together to build and sustain their communities.

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