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Dorcus Project


Empowering Opportunities for children, women and youth through entrepreneurship and education to promote thriving global communities. 

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Be a Witness

Get involved in empowering women and youth to be community builders and change makers.

Project Details


Project Updates

The Piggery farm Project was started with just five animals with the goal to produce pigs for sale to sustain our Scholarship Program and the Widow’s Entrepreneurship Program.

We started with pigs because they are a great source of income in Uganda.  Now with 120 animals we have started to sell as we pay for new animals to enlarge the farm, and sustain our grant initiatives.

This project allows for us to model the value of sustainability and entrepreneurship. We have donated many pregnant pigs to widows provide the opportunity for them and their families to start a family business. Through training in pig rearing and upkeep, as well as trading in the market place a widow gains the skills required to establish a stable and reliable income for their family.

We still have room to grow the farm and hope to be the first bacon and sausage producers in Uganda. Unite with us today in alleviating the cycle of poverty for a family. Get Involved!

How To Get Involved


      Donate a Pig:

One pregnant pig is $250 and in 4 months can produce 8-10 piglets which can start one family business. Donate to a family and help them rise from poverty. 

      Build the Farm:

We are currently working towards having running water and electricity readily available and are always enlarging the stows for the animals to grow comfortably and healthily. Support the farm expansion.

      Feed the Animals:

Lend a hand in purchasing seeds for planting our own maize for feed reducing the cost of feeding the animals. Sow a seed today and provide organic healthy feed for our farm.

      Donate Tools & Equipment:

As we grow our structures must be expanded. We need a tractor, cement, iron sheets, nails, timber, sand and bricks, etc. Build with us expanding caring, thriving and compassionate global communities. 

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