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Widow's Entrepreneurship Fund

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Empowering Widows to thrive as their rebuild their families and communities. 

Project Details


In Uganda widows without skills, support, or opportunity, often succumb to the vicious cycle of poverty. Some are forced into servitude or beggary, and those with children are forced to surrender them to an orphanage, traffickers, child marriage, and/or the streets.  Through the Widow’s Entrepreneurship Fund we seek to invest in high-impact, grassroots initiatives in rural areas that advance women entrepreneurship through education, investment, mentorship, and access to growth opportunities.

These women when given a chance are ready to move in action passed their hardships and with high spirit for success and liberty.

Financial stability allows widows to become self-reliant and self-accountable. And, in this way, they are able to liberate themselves and their families from poverty. Empower and uplift a widow and their family today. Get Involved!

How To Get Involved

Start Today

     Invest in an Initiative

These initiatives allow widows to be exposed to training, education, and skills of entrepreneurship. Invest in a micro-finance loan that will give a widow and her family the ability to venture into a journey of enterprise.


Though these women are vulnerable, they are yet strong and eager for change to break the chains of poverty and inequality.We welcome you to come and share your knowledge inspire young women and women to take a role in shaping their futures by leading a Workshop/Seminar in skills, trade, and entrepreneurship.

     Donate Tools

Equip our training programs with the right tools for a successful future. Donate new/used computers, business books, notebooks, and stationary.

Dorcus Project  2015

Dorcus Project 2015

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