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Laying Foundations Brick Project 


Providing opportunities to employ, train and create entrepreneurs that will build their communities.

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Sow a Seed Get involved in empowering women and youth to be community builders and change makers.

Project Details


The booming construction industry in Uganda has boosted the brick making industry. We are taking part of this boom through creating sustainable innovative projects that will promote a sustainable future through skills training and job stability.


We believe by giving youth the opportunity to partake in this growing industry we can promote an avenue of entrepreneurship. Currently there are many health, environmental and financial problems that plague the current ways bricks are made in Uganda. However, through the alternative method  of using the Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block (ISSB)  System many of these problems are substantially reduced. This system also creates an effective opportunity for skills training, employment development and financial security, introducing many to trades and construction in Uganda.


The Laying Foundations Brick Project allows youth, widows, community leaders to take part in training of ISSB machine use, and construction of various structures with interlocking bricks  and the entrepreneur opportunity of making and selling bricks. This gives youth, widows an community leaders the opportunity to participate in this booming industry generating employment opportunities and allowing for skill transfer. We hope to facilitate the use of this technology to further, employ, train and create entrepreneurs that will build their communities. Lend a hand today.

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How To Get Involved


      Donate a Machine

ISSB machines allow for quick and efficient construction of bricks for housing units, other building structures and water tanks. Donate to a community and help them rise from poverty. 

      Donate Materials

Give towards the materials required to produce quality bricks and build strong and sustainable communities. Support the brick production and youth employment and entrepreneurship.


Participate in training, and building community builders. Build with us expanding caring, thriving and compassionate global communities.


Dorcus Project Katale 

(kah-ta-leh) market

Join in us in our journey of rebuilding and restoring families and communities. Purchase the gift of an ISSB Machine, contribute to building materials, and safety gear,  for youth, widows and community leaders to engage in active community building. With each purchase you make a tangible difference in someone's life, as your purchase promotes the rise of widows, orphans, and street youth poverty and into prosperity.  Make a difference Sow a Seed Today!

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