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Our Projects


We take an active role in community development by enabling widows, orphans and street youth to engage in workshops, seminars, training and counselling that allows the fostering of life and entrepreneurial skills, access to health and wellness development for the mind and body, as well as, community building initiatives. Our aim is to promote a health and prosperous life for individuals, families and communities with each project and initiative.

Our Projects

Our Projects

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Dorcus Project Uganda

This initiative that allows us to model entrepreneurship while sustaining our Widow's Entrepreneurship and Scholarship Funds. It provides the communities we reach the support they need, when they need it. Join us in bolstering widows, orphans and street youth in their endeavours to  build a future for their families and their communities today.


We Got Skillz

This All-starz Sport Experience creates a platform for children and youth to be educated, restored, and encouraged through their passion of sports, music, art and dance.  This platform allows us to empower and uplift the leaders of tomorrow. Promote play through  this dynamic avenue of change and  make a difference today.

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Widow's Entrepreneurship Fund

Providing platforms for dialogue and training that align a widow’s skills, abilities, interests, and financial needs with entrepreneurial initiatives or employment options. Creating the potential for real and positive change in the life of a widow, her family, and community. Lend a helping hand in restoring hope and security for families and their communities today.

Two beautiful African girls and one African boy reading and writing at school as an educational symb

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for an education for orphans and street youth and the tools required for them to achieve success and a future of security and stability. This initiative helps us ensure that the children and youth we encounter  have a better chance to be  prepared to manage the unique situations they face. Support a bright future today.

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Laying Foundations 

Brick Project

We are creating opportunities to employ, train and establish  entrepreneurs that will build their communities through the use of the ISSB bricking making system. All the while promoting a sustainable, environmentally friendly footprint in the construction of the Ugandan landscape. Join us in building strong communities today.


Kirindi Community Development

Partnering with community leaders of  to overcome the devastation of loss and setbacks caused by the AIDS epidemic. We are rallying around our brothers and sisters to help them reach their goal of living in community where education, employment, health and prosperity are attainable for all. Lend a hand to to rebuild this community today.

Join us in Making a Real Difference.

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