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Kirindi & Kiboga Community Development

2017 Kirindi GiftRecepient
Kirindi Christmas Baskets Recipients
Widow's Christmas Basket Receipients
2017 Kirindi Gift Recipient
Kiboga Planting
Kiboga Crop Yield 2021
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WEF Soap Making Project
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Planting in Kirindi
Kirindi Crop Yield 2021
Kirindi Family Day

Project Details


Project Updates

In search for where to grow the feed for our Dorcus Farm Project we found these small communities that moved our hearts to take action and join hands in rebuilding them from devastation.

These communities have suffered the loss of the adult population due to the AIDS epidemic that rampaged Uganda. Children are raised by grandparents; the few adults in the community are stretched thin to care and provide a suitable learning and growing environment for the children and youth within their community. We have joined to support them to expand their school and initiate agricultural and entrepreneurship initiatives with the grandparents, youth and adults ready to rebuild their community.  

We feel that it is very important to rally around our brothers and sisters to help them reach their goal of giving the little girls and boys in their community an education and hope for the future, all the while providing stability and security physically, financially and spiritually. Join us today get involved.

How To Get Involved

Start Today

      Build the School

Provide more space for learning, give to the expansion of the community school. Your gift goes towards the building materials for the structure and the learning materials to go into the school bricks, desks, chairs, blackboards, text books, and a water well.

      Equip Learning

Equip school programs with the right tools for a successful future. Donate new/used computers, books, and stationary, toiletries, sanitary pads, backpacks. 

         Create Employment

These initiatives allow widows to be exposed to training, education, and skills of entrepreneurship. Invest in a micro-finance loan that will give a widow and her family the ability to venture into a journey of enterprise.

      Provide Mobility

A bicycle can increase access to vital community services including schools, hospitals, shops, etc. It allows individuals and families to meet their basic needs and build better lives.


Come and share your knowledge, inspire, and take a role in shaping the future of this community; teach, train, build and share the love of Christ.


Dorcus Project Katale 

(kah-ta-leh) market

Join in us in our journey of rebuilding and restoring families and communities. Purchase a gift of desks, stationary, bicycles, and sanitary goods for the children and youth in Kirindi to again access to a fruitful education. With each purchase you make a tangible difference in someone's life, as your purchase promotes the rise of orphans, and street youth poverty and into prosperity.  Make a difference Buy Today!

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