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Scholarship Fund


Tackling illiteracy & inequality by creating avenues for success where hope seems lost.

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Project Details


Thousands of orphaned children and street youth remain vulnerable to poverty, sickness and disease, homelessness, and faced with constant life-threatening situations.


The Scholarships Fund creates an opportunity for an orphan child or street youth to receive their school fees paid in full, uniforms including shoes & socks, and all school supplies required. Providing youngsters not only an opportunity for learning knowledge, but also to make friends and be hopeful for a better future. 

This Scholarship Fund alleviates the stress of the financial burdens to families who often would not afford to send their children or the children they have inherited to school.

When in Uganda, Rev.Christine (aka Mama B.) also attends Visitor’s/ Parent's Days to see about their progress and needs continuing to encourage them in the love of Christ and the importance and value of education.

Getting an education is the permanent solution to extreme poverty particularly the kind many orphans and street youth face every day in Uganda. Be a part of this solution today.

How To Get Involved


      Sponsor a Tuition

Give an orphan or youth the opportunity to learn and gain a hopeful future with a yearly spot in school.

      Donate School Supplies

Pack a backpack, or donate school supplies  to ensure that each child has the tools required for a great success.

      Donate Toiletries and Sanitary Items

Often many children especially girls cannot attend school due to hygiene, especially through menstruation. Donating soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and pads helps us keep those away at school fully prepared in and out of class to put their best foot forward. 


     Donate towards a Bicycle

A bicycle can increase access to vital community services including schools, hospitals, shops, etc. It allows individuals and families to meet their basic needs and build better lives.

Two beautiful African girls and one Afri

Dorcus Project Katale 

(kah-ta-leh) market

Join in us in our journey of rebuilding and restoring families and communities. Purchase a gift of uniforms, shoes, backpack & stationary, bicycles, and sanitary goods for children and youth to again access to a fruitful education. With each purchase you make a tangible difference in someone's life, as your purchase promotes the rise of orphans, and street youth poverty and into prosperity.  Make a difference Contribute Today!

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