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Our Roots


At Cleft of the Rock Foundation we are actively engaging in the ministry of reconciliation by empowering the lost, hurt, bruised, rejected, neglected, destitute, and abused widows and orphans of Uganda to be partakers of the love of God by demonstrating the caring hand of Jesus Christ through brotherly love with the Dorcus Project initiatives.  


Our mandate as an extension of the hand of Christ is to restore the broken and bring back faith and hope into the dying and forgotten communities. We are able to accomplish this by reaching out through:

  • The ministration of the life giving Word

  • Offering training and workshops in life-skills and entrepreneurship

  • Promoting community building initiatives

  • Providing scholarships and job opportunities

We thank you for joining us in sharing this great commission to restore faith, hope, humanity, and love in prayer, financially, materially, and physically.  God bless you mightily!

      We believe God has commissioned us with the charge of Isaiah 58:12 to build 

      up the forgotten places and to raise up the foundations of young generations,

      to be the repairers of the broken and violated, and restorers of the streets they

      dwell in.  


What We Do

What We Do

We take an active role in community engagement by enabling widows and orphans to get involved in community development through the practical Word of God, education and training in life and business skills. All the while providing a safe space for the process of healing and restoration through Christ-Centered Counselling. We strive to fulfill our mission and vision to create avenues for the attainment of vibrant and thriving families and communities.

Our Mission

To lead with Integrity, Excellence, and Compassion in bringing about restoration, motivation, empowerment, structure, and diversity through different ethnic groups while affecting people in a life-giving way and enabling them to have a higher quality of life; a life of purpose, discipline and vision.

Our Vision

We believe that we can achieve the goal of uplifting the spiritual and material standard of living for widows, orphans, and the communities they live in through our aim: 

  • To  provide the potential of self-sustenance and community by bolstering the transition of orphaned children and youth from homelessness or street life into stable school or work placement.

  • To facilitate the provision of education and training to under-served communities to empower men and women to utilize their strengths for the betterment of their welfare and their communities.

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Our Goals

Our Goals

Rebuilding Communities

Building homes of refuge, schools, and vocational institutions as platforms of training in trades, vocational skills, computer skills, and lifestyle and business financial strategies.


Re-establishing Families

Through micro-financed income generating initiatives COTRF will support widows in bringing stability, security and development back into their homes and communities.


Education and Training

Creating opportunities of hope and success through scholarships, internships, and job placements for widows and orphans to pursue their goals and maximize their potential.


Providing Health Options

Providing health education and promoting children’s rights, AIDS and STDs prevention by building and assisting medical centers for access to adequate health care.

Through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit each initiative is planned to maximize the reach of impact in communities and families we have reached. Through multiple projects, we are able to cultivate a mentality of success and excellence as we plant the seeds of a Christ centered life in family, business and community.

God has touched the heart of many to sow seeds financially, materially, and their time and knowledge to impact the lives of those we rally round.

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2013 Women's Conference VCC

Many community leaders, ministries, and individuals have partnered with us eager to build up their communities giving us a platform to hold workshops, seminars, and teach the hope driven gospel of Jesus that revitalizes the soul and activates faith that with Christ everything is possible.

Our participants often regenerate our vision beginning within their homes and reach out to their communities.

This is the ultimate fulfillment of our commission impacting lives to restore, hope for a future with vision, purpose and love.

      We invite you to join us and a lend a hand in expanding

      God’s vision of bringing all to know His great love and

      His desire for all to live in prosperity and sound health.

      Get involved  or Sow a Seed today!


How We Do It

How We Do It
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