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Extraordinary versatile Kitengi Backpack with adjustable sturdy padded shoulder straps. Hand-made with soft padding that holds the shape of the bag in place and makes it suitable for carrying electronics. The Kitengi Backpacks can be machine washed and are spacious enough for a laptop, books, stationary and so forth.  Each unique backpack can be carried by adults and kids to express individuality as no 2 are exactly alike but have the same number of pockets. Get yours today as you support youth entrepreneurship and creative spaces.

Kitengi Backpacks

  • Your purchase empowers youth artisans while promoting Maker-Spaces where they can continue to hone their skills and talent, while developing skills of entrepreneurship, and enterprise. Your support provides them with the chance to take charge of their own lives and build something for themselves. We love that each handmade bag, jewellery and clothing is created by independent small-scale artisan individuals,  groups, and workshops, and are crafted with love using local materials and time-honored skills. Empowering youth, celebrating talent, developing skills, and impacting communities.

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