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Keep your coins together in the Wooden Beaded Coin Purse and never waste time digging around the bottom of your bag to find a quarter again! Made from wooden beads, this cute filly lined zippered coin purse with zippered pocket inside was created by the artisans of Prayer Palace Widows Fellowship in Kampala, Uganda. Made by hand  this beaded coin purse will transform any ordinary day into a fanciful one.

Wooden Beaded Coin Purse

SKU: 524011
  • Your purchase empowers women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families as they take charge of their own lives and build something for themselves. We love that each handmade bag, jewellery and clothing is created by independent small-scale artisan individuals,  groups, and workshops, and are crafted with love using local materials and time-honored skills.  Empowering widows, celebrating women and impactining communities.

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