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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

Widow's Entrepreneurship Fund Testimony From Kiboga

We would like to testify to the glory of God what Ms. Nantongo in Kiboga was able to do through the Widow’s Entrepreneurship fund. Our initial investment in her cause was $300 for her to rent to 2 acres of land to grow rice. After that successful endeavor she was able to buy a piece of land and to build on for her and her family. We followed up with her and continued to support her in growing her rice plantation.

Second rice Plantation in Kiboga

After 2 years she was able to sell it and buy a bigger piece of land where she was able to start building a community school. Glory to God her school is able to take children up to Primary 6. We have continued to join hands with her and through the Widow’s Entrepreneurship Fund rent another 3 acres to grow corn and soy. This will help in purchasing building materials to expand the school, feeding the children and also paying the teachers.

God has been so gracious to help us grow as we work together to revitalize and restore this community one family at a time. Currently we rent the land and have to put on workers for help. Since we don’t have a tractor we employ the local prisoners to help with cultivate the farm. This provides a source of income the prison to provide good welfare to the prisoners. We know we need a tractor to make our processes easier but grateful for all God has done and continue to do we use what we have for now. We are looking into that possibility. Please pray for us, with God all things are possible. Thank you for your support blessings.

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