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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Chicken Project at Kiboga School

Through the Widow’s Entrepreneurship Fund we continue to join Syvia and Richard in maximizing their dedication to build a thriving community.

In strategizing sustainable ways to keep teacher employed and well paid we ventured into a poultry farm project which would engage the students in learning skills for rearing chickens. This would also introduce them to a life skill that could be used in real life as they return to help their families.

We started with a purchase of 200 one day old chicks (each chick costs $1.25 Canadian) that were placed in brooder which we built together. After a month the chicks were able to be kept in a room where they are reared by students and teachers. After 3 months they are ready to sell.

We thank God for our successful first attempt. We were able to raise all 200 chicks into mature broiler chickens. The selling of these chickens will aid in paying a portion of the teacher's salaries and also get us started for a second run at the chicken project.

Working in this way helps every member of the community participate in the successful living all members. We give glory to God for all He is doing in moving us forward in every initiative we embark on to promote strong communities.

Join us in building strong communities and empowering sustainable living.

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