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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Makindye Girl's Soccer Academy

In 2017 we embarked on providing the opportunity for girls to be involved in the We Got Skillz Tournaments held by the Bavubuka Foundation. Traditional outlooks have kept girls out of the participation of various sports, including soccer.

This day as out Under 16 girls get ready for their tournament the girls spend time on the pitch engaging not only in the sport but also in team building activities and discussions on how they can be apart of being the positive change in creating equality for all.

They have the opportunity to share their goals and dreams and how they might take steps to accomplish them. This time on the pitch is not just about fun and games but a time for the girls to acknowledge that their unwillingness to remain second class citizens, or to sit on the sidelines is supported by a community that wants to see everyone thrive in the abilities and talents they possess.

The sight of something as simple as some girls kicking a soccer ball is a very powerful.

Join us in celebrating and support these powerful, strong, regal, brave, wise, & beautiful leaders.

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