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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

A Great Harvest & A Harsh Reality

We thank God for His faithfulness. The corn that was planted yielded a great harvest. However, due to the conditions of the nation this great harvest almost became a sad tragedy.

The manager of the crops we had entrusted as the harvesting was occurring took about 6 turns of corn and left us with just 2 turns from the harvest. I would like to be upset and angry with this man but I understand the conditions that society is in now. The greed and poverty that is engrained in the nation of Uganda goes back for so many generations.

At Cleft of the Rock Foundation this is the thing we are warring against. Breaking the cycle of not being able to deal honestly with your fellow brother and sister. Dealing with the heart condition of loving your neighbour as yourself. Although many of the youth and I were disappointed in this action we are encouraged by the Word of God in Romans 8:28 that says we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

The profit that will yield from the remaining turns will be used towards the Scholarship Fund. We have embarked on planting casava, soy, corn and beans and will continue to employ the youth and pray for an even better increase next year.

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