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  • Bwette Gilbert

Dorcus Project Uganda Update

After months of striving in reconstruction & renovations, God has blessed our farm once again. On the night of 17th November 2013, we had three pigs giving birth all at once on the same night. We had the first one giving birth to 11 Mzungu piglets of which one was didn't survive the night because of unavoidable circumstance and we had 10 piglets alive and well. The other pig gave birth to 5 piglets of which four of then are Mzungus & one camouflage. The last one gave birth to 4 piglets; one of which is Mzungu & the rest "African" hehehe ~ Anyways We continue to thank God for his mercies to watch over our farm. One of the black piglets is so sick and the veterinary doctor came today to check out what exactly could be wrong so that it can receive proper treatment.

We continue to thank every body that has supported us to make this great progression thus far; May Almighty God BLESS abundantly.

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