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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Back to the Source Experience

I give thanks and glory for being able to take part of this awakening experience in partnership with the Bavubuka Foundation. Back to the Source is a gathering that happens yearly through the Bavubuka foundation bringing elders of the land and youth together for a retreat in which the elders facilitate how youth can engage in culture and traditional practices in modern day life to preserve the life and way of the indigenous ancestors as the world continues to globalize and evolve. This year was a mind opening experience for me as I took part with others from all over Uganda and abroad.

We travelled to the source of the Nile which was something I did for the first time during this experience after living in and travelling back and forth to Uganda for 60 years. The elder through stories, proverbs, and riddles led us through the ways of old that unified and built community starting with the family. This brought me to the realization of how so many, especially in the diaspora, have let go of these simple traditions and have become isolated not only in family but as a community.It made me wonder how pr what more we can do to reconnect to these simple tradition such as eating time together, gathering to share stories of experiences that teach life lessons an pass them on to the generations after us. It was a spiritual experience that led me to see that even in the body of Christ this love , this unity must be fostered once again if we are to care for each and build the Kingdom of God.We have to do more to stay connected to the past as it prophesies of what may happen in the future if we fail to stick to practicing truth and engaging in love for one another.

In moments of togetherness we participated in m any team building activities that put the shared principles into practice and we came to discover although the world today emphasizes the need for individuality, making it on your own, being a boss, what really matters for a thriving and health life, family and community is togetherness, unity.

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