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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

All Fenced In - Dorcus Project Renovations

January and February we had some land dispute with our neighbours at the Piggery Farm. Through the help our partners and friends who rallied with us we raised enough money to fence in our land and protect our farm by the end of February.

The help we received for this project was overwhelming that we were also able to renovate and install a new septic tank because the first one was built in the wrong way. This was a massive undertaking. It took a lot of cement, sand, stone and bricks. We did it all and it was finished on time. The project was a success. We were only left to finish the stows, however the news of the pandemic and lockdowns began. We thank Almighty God who has been faithful to us through this time keeping our animals healthy and safe and those employed at the farm in the same grace. We have managed to finish renovating seven stows and are just awaiting new doors for each.

We want to thank everyone who is helping us to get this done. God bless you so very much thank you for standing with us. We are determined as the Holy Spirit leads to continue standing and doing what God has ordained us to do.

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