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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

Stories of Remembrance from Kirindi

A week before Christmas the Holy Spirit dropped something in my spirit. He asked me “what about the widows in this season? I would like to visit them”. So as I got up I acted right away. I sent out an email and to my amazement only three ladies replied. They gave about $150 that I added to another $300 and went out to buy Christmas baskets for four widows.

We bought a Gomasi (a traditional dress) with everything that goes with it and money to sew it, sugar, rice, salt, meat, cooking oil, and soap things that are needed during Christmas time to bless their families.

Rev. Christine and Christmas Baskets

This young lady almost did not make it, but I believe she was the reason I was sent there. When she came she was late and the others had already taken their things. So her pastor told her that the things on the table were hers. She first grabbed a few then he said all but she still doubted herself and left the soap and the oil then her pastor said to her again, I said even the oil and the soap is yours. She fell on the ground asked her pastor that in all your believers you chose me?

“How did this come about that you think about me”. She was tearing at this point, so was I and all the people we went with. She exclaimed “God you have remembered me after these ten years you sent some one to visit me”. She was beside herself. She said for ten years no one has ever visited me not even her relatives. After her husband died they took everything left her in a mud hut house with the children. No one has ever returned or even the community to give her anything.

I then cried because that was me ,and God saw me deserving to be the one to visit her. It was me in the flesh if it was not for His grace. Where would I be? He brought me to Canada where I did not have to be treated less than myself. In that very moment I said every December my Heavenly Father I will go visit the widows. The feeling and magnitude of seeing His love moved me and I am so thankful Amen.

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