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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Fabrics from Kirindi

I thank God for the opportunity to come back to Kirindi and see the women still working together in building their business. Often when an initiative is started some fall off because they see the challenges ahead and no way to resolve them.

However, upon my return to this community I was glad to find the women still collaborating and working together to find solutions to the challenges. This day we had a Think-Tank where the women and I came together to make a plan on how to move forward. The biggest challenges were not having the finances to be able to do this work full time and the market to sell their work for what it is worth.

We decided this time I would bring their work to the city and sell them as I looked for networks in the city which they can connect with to sell, as well as attempting to sell their work when I go back to North America and the money received will be given back to help some work full time and others part time to continue in growing their business and supporting their families. I thank God that their work was well received in the communities I shared their stories and work. As I head back later this year by God's grace we hope to establish these women and their work.

Join us in celebrating and empowering the rise of women from poverty. Thank you for your support.

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