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  • Bwette Gilbert & Christine Balabyeekubo

June - July Farm Update

Hello friends, I would like to share some great news with you that the Dorcus Farm Project is gradually progressing. We have some of our pigs giving birth to a number of piglets since the time I left Uganda. One of the pig gave birth to 6 piglets and the other gave birth to 9 piglets. Unfortunately, of the 9 piglets, 3 of them died and the rest of the six have survived. One of other pig had problems during its pregnancy and unfortunately aborted all 8 piglets before maturity. we had the that pig treated by a veterinarian officer and hopefully she will do us proud next time she conceives. On a positive note: one of the pigs also gave birth to 7 healthy piglets and we are very sure they will survive.

Some of the problems the farm is facing right know are;

  1. Some Piglets are not feeding well. They have resisted breast feeding as well as the feeds provided to them. We have been recommended to give them a special feed which contains either soya or silver pounded fish (mukene). Some piglet having fever which led to some of them to succumb to death

  2. The pigs have damaged their cubicles great deal which gives the people taking care of them problems especially during the time when they are providing them feeds. This problems has also led the pigs to move around which some times cause them to fight and harm each other. The cubicle need to be renovated starting with the replacement of the doors for the cubicles, floor and trenches.

  1. With the higher inflation in Uganda, It has cause almost feeds to double the amount they were before in the last 4 months. Pigs feeds are currently expensive (double the amount they were in the past 4 months) which has some times brought the insufficiency and hence the animals not eating the right amounts.

  2. We also need a pig sauce pan and fuel in terms of firewood that will enable us to provide cooked feeds for the pigs.

With the above problems catered for in time, the farm should be up and running smoothly as its supposed to.

The good is is despite of the above mentioned problems, we progressively moving forward. We now have a total of 43 pigs in our farm, and others on the way. Once again we would like to thank all our friends who have supported us, may the Lord Bless you All as you've blessed us.

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