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  • Bwette Gilbert & Christine Balabyeekubo

August Update

Hello Friends,

This week are proud to bring yet another update about the Dorcus Piggery project in Uganda. Generally we are doing very good and God is yet to bless us with more animals since we have more than three pig pregnant. The Good News is that we have about 4 confirmed pigs pregnant and in about two months and couple of weeks we are expecting huge numbers when these pig give birth. however the building structure needs to be revamped inside. The pigs have almost destroyed each and every single segment inside. We are preparing to make sure that we cater for this problem which needs immediate attention. We need to renovate inside which will entail revamping the floor and segments closures which have been destroyed. We need to cater for this as we prepare room for the expectant pigs so we can create enough room for them to have safe delivery. We are currently facing a situation of skin disorder to some pigs which has some caused worries to us. We have isolated these animals so that they don't infect others and we are closely monitoring their recovery. We have one one the pig that gave birth to four piglets but i was told that three died because their mother did want to feed them & they were born too weak. One survived and there high chances that it will survive though still her mother does want feed her. We are grateful to God that slowly but steady, we are moving quite well. We once again thank you for your support and encourage you to continue doing so.


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