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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

September Progression

What have you done with the resources at your disposal? How have you helped those that need your helping hand. Welcome to Dorcus Project Uganda that has shown progression through our piggery project that started early this year. We thank the Lord that has allowed us to progressively move forward despite of the hardships we have faced over time. We are constantly moving towards our goal.

"This project has been an enlightenment to me in showing me the need to change my life and set my heart in helping those who are hurting more than myself. So I would ask you to join hands with me and let us build a community filled with love and compassion as Jesus told us from the beginning to love one another. thank you for standing with us God bless you all."

The good news this months is that we are having about four of our females pigs soon giving birth to piglets. This ensures our expansion at the farm. Praise the Lord!

Momma & Piglet

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