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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

What We Did This Year at the Dorcus Project

Hello Friends,

I have taken a while to update this blog but I am sorry now I will be active. First I had to learn how all this works but I believe slowly but surely I will get there.

I would like to thank everyone that has been praying for the Dorcus Project in Uganda thank you. The project is doing well now, we had some bumps, but I know that God being our source all is well.

We have spent some time trying to build the shelter for the animals. This year that was done through the help of our friends the Grove and the Beach. Also we needed our water project to be finished which was done excellently by the help of Chris Anderson who gave us the Pump and the accessories were bout by Pastor Kieth and Linda Every, PPNI Ministries, Pastor Jerad Mlongecha and His church and Brother Young. Through your Donations we managed to do a lot of work and empowered some of the widows and orphans where we thought it fit. Thank you for your continued support.

God Bless You All Mightily!

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