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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

We Continue to Walk This Walk

All of you that are standing with was I just want to say thank you for 2012 it was not easy but we called out the mission and God honored it. I would like to let you know that God has set us up for this new phase of buying the land to carry our operations on. We need your support and prayers for us to press through this task . Please hold us in your prayers as we continue to walk this walk. God bless you so much for His promises are yea and amen. Also He said His covenant He will not break neither will He alter the word from His lips so I know He spoke and He is going to fulfill it.

God is a good God. When He calls you and equips you to go out His purpose and plan stands. That is one thing I have learnt. This year I could not believe what happened to us after working so hard to keep the farm going. The people we trusted decided not to be trust worthy sold some of the animals and took the funds. But we are not letting that take us down so we are standing. The one who called us will see us through. I wonder if the people who do those kind of things remember that they are not taking from me but themselves and hurting those who are supposed to benefit from the project. I just say as Isaiah said in chapter 14:24-27 the hand of my heavenly Father will stand. Thank you to all who are praying for us and those who have stood with us financially God bless you so much. This year is a wonderful year and we believe we are going to buy a piece of earth for the farm operations God bless you all. Right now we have 36 pigs and as You know God just blessed us with another 9 God bless you all keep on praying for us.

We Appreciate You All!

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