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  • Christine Balabyekkubo

Kirindi Piggery Program

Donated piglets

Today we venture to start a Piggery program in the village of Kirindi with 4 participants. We know how getting started is one of the biggest obstacles for many families. As we partner with the village of Kirindi to make each member a viable contributor in sustaining their village as a growing, learning and productive community.

We wanted to introduce a new medium for community members to be apart of entrepreneurship. As participants take part of this venture, they are taught on the advantages of rearing, breeding and selling pigs. We brought in a Community Mentor, who is an educator and mentor in Pig Husbandry, to help each participant get off to a good start.

We are so excited to introduce this new opportunity and get families connected to this avenue that will lead them to financial freedom and also empower them to be community builders who can mentor others to do the same.

Be apart of building communities and their leaders to thrive in sustainable communities. Join us!

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