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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Douglas' Story

Meet Douglas our latest Scholarship Fund recipient. He lives close to our Dorcus Project Farm and when we encountered him we asked why he was not in school. Like other orphans and children in the area, he was living with his single mom who had not been working for some time and was not able to afford to keep him and his siblings in school.

He explained that his oldest brother takes all his mother's time because he has autism and his mother uses their extra resources to care for him. His mother has found someone to help his younger sister go to school but for now they cannot help Douglas as well so he had to drop out.

Understanding how hard it is to have a child with diverse needs in country where no resources or extra support is given to care for them I felt the struggle of this mother.

After speaking with Douglas and his mother we decided to sponsor Douglas to go back to school through the Scholarship Fund. He will be attending a boarding school in Masajja. We thank God for granting us the grace and ability to support single mom keep their children in school and provide platforms for these great minds to flourish.

Join us in spreading hope and empowering educated leader of the future.

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