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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Kato, Kamya & Kizza

Kato, Kamya, and Kizza are new recipients of our Scholarship Fund. Their mother walked out on them because their father was poor and a drunk. One day they were at school and when they returned their mom had left without saying good-bye. They waited, watching and looking out for her to see if she had gone to friends, but she never returned. They stopped going to school for over 6 months.

We met them when it was nearly Christmas time. I asked myself all kinds of questions but could find no answers. I reached out to the authorities but they had no help for me or these children. So I decided to talk to my relatives and we spent Christmas with them. After that, I could not let go of their situation. So, Cleft of the Rock Foundation decided to take them in. Now they are returning to school through the Scholarship Fund as we work with the community members to provide support for them at home.

Join us in creating bright futures as we support children and their families to access education.

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