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  • Chrisitne Balabyekkubo

Women Entrepreneurship Leadership Conference with Dr. Baba Buntu

We are so grateful for elder brother Baba Bantu for coming to share with us through different perspectives on how to approach the communities we work in and empower them on a different level.

In this conference different women for all works of life in Uganda came together to learn, be encouraged and strengthened as powerful brilliant and resilient proud warriors, son and daughters of the soil. Brother Baba Bantu facilitated dialogue emphasizing on teaching the communities rather than giving handouts to the communities we impact. So that we can change the mindsets of the members of the communities we reach out to through participation in creating and sustaining change in their communities that will propel them forward and rise above poverty.

I was moved on the perspectives of how to work with leaders and members of communities as partners not managers. Brother Bantu's dialogue helped me revisit the purpose of Cleft of the Rock Foundation and think on how we are being agents of change when we approaching those who are considered as the "least" of their communities. I will keep at the forefront this message as we continue to work to build communities. Thank you Brother Baba Bantu. Your love and wisdom to unify our efforts is really appreciated

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